Day 11 — A Sample Spoon | Farewell, Europe

A sample spoon. You know what I’m talking about. Those really small, cute white pieces of plastic about the size of your pinky? The ones that allow you to try a small taste of Cotton Candy, or Mint Chocolate Chip, or—ooh that looks good—what is that? I’ll try a sample of that. A sample spoon….

Day 10 — Gardens & Museums

Did you know: there is an actual disease classifying first-time tourists who realize that Paris does not live up to its expectations? Paris Syndrome. It’s a real thing–try looking it up. This disorder consists of physical and psychological symptoms including delusions, hallucinations, dizziness, sweating, and feelings of persecution from being so disappointed with Paris, specifically. Lol….

Day 9 — Gothic & Parisian Sites

Get this– we walk into the nearest eatery, and there are two security guards checking our bags. The interior is exceptionally modern, with dozens of “order yourself” interactive screens. There is a bakery to my left, with coffee, macaroons, croissants; and stairs to my right, leading up to second-floor window seating. Luxurious? Maybe. Turns out,…

Day 8 — Bonjour de Paris

7:05am. This is the time our train leaves for the airport. We get to the train station at 6:45am, phew, we have time to grab a quick breakfast. I walk to the nearest McDonalds and grab us two croissants, one chocolate, the other cream. 6:55am. We scan our tickets with the train guy (for lack of a…